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Hola!!! Mi nombre es Natalia Carter y soy colombiana! Estudié administración de empresas en Bogotá, Colombia y desde muy pequeña me ha interesado conocer nuevos lugares y probar nuevas comidas. He tenido la oportunidad de vivir en diferentes países, despertando la fascinación por descubrir distintos lugares y probar nuevas culturas a través de su gastronomía. Después de 8 años de virir en Los Ángeles, donde fundé mi blog Comiendo en LA, me he ido a vivir a la costa este, cambiando el nombre del blog a Comiendo en la Ciudad, con la misma intención de narrar mi experiencia en esta nueva ciudad desde una perspectiva culinaria y turística.


I’m a Social Media professional with more than 5 years experience creating social media campaigns and blog content for my blog and various brands. 

A little bit more about my background: I was born and raised in Colombia, a beautiful country located in South America. Before I could even talk, my family and I moved to Spain, where I learned the wonders of travel and meeting new people. Also, Spanish food is amazing! Early on, I discovered gastronomy was my method of choice for exploring the world and its cultures.

I graduated with a degree in Business in Bogotá, Colombia. After growing up in different countries all over the world, I finally settled in Los Angeles. It’s beauty, people, and rich variety of cultures sparked my decision to create my blog Comiendo en LA, where I share my personal perspectives about the city, it’s food and my own recipes. It’s since become a hub for ¨Hispanic foodies.¨After 8 wonderful years living in L.A., I recently moved to the East Coast, and changed my blog’s name to Comiendo en la Ciudad – “Eating in the City” – where I will continue sharing my experiences in a new city from a culinary and touristic perspective.
Viaje por carretera de Los Ángeles a Las Vegas


2 thoughts on “Sobre Mi

  1. Hi,

    My name is Erica, I work on marketing for A Chef’s Tour ( I noticed from your Instagram that you are currently travelling in Colombia, where we have a delicious food tour in Bogota. We were wondering whether you would like to come on our tour, in exchange for a possible review and some promotion to your followers?

    Let me know if you are interested to collaborate and I will be happy to book you in right away!

    Kind regards,

    1. Hi Erica,

      I’m sorry that I missed your message. I’m planning to come back next year and I’d love to enjoy this tour! As soon as I have my dates scheduled, I’ll reach you to you.

      Thank you for inviting me!

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